Wireless presence detector

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  • ED-SE-01
  • ED-SE-01
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Automatically lights the lamps when it notices a presence in the room.


One presence detector, one stand with adjustable mounting pivot (+adhesive, mounting screws and wall plugs)


Connect your detector to a DiO 868-MHz receiver or your DiO HomeBox and program an automatic extinction of your lamps when there is no-one left in the room.

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DiO 2.0 – the enhanced performance solution

The main benefit of DiO 2.0 products is their long free-field radio transmission distance of up to 150 m, so they can operate throughout the house.

In addition, they are ideal for checking the status of your devices through your smartphone using status feedback, so you can check if your lights are turned on or off, your shutters open or closed, your heating switched on, etc.

Lastly, DiO 2.0 modules and sockets have advanced options such as the signal repeater, doubling the transmission distance.

DiO 1.0 and DiO 2.0 products do not operate on the same radio frequency and are therefore not compatible. However, you can use them together through the smart home system, which will link them and enable you to use a DiO 1.0 remote control to turn on a lamp connected to a DiO 2.0 module, for example.