Addition wireless camera


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Optimize the surveillance of your home by adding a second camera to your installation.
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  • 34549
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A second camera optimizes the field of vision and thus makes you and your family safer.

- Compatible with kits 34543 & 34539
- Easy to install: wireless digital transmission on secure radio frequency 2.4 GHz.
- Motion detection by selection area
- Visibility range: 300 m
- Indoor or outdoor use
- Ability to configure a detection zone on an image
- Night vision up to 10 m.
- Angle of view: 90°
- 1080-P camera: High-definition display
- IP66 protection
- Contents: One HD camera, one power supply, mounting accessories, and manual
Warranty 2 years
Colour Black
Connection Wireless
Protection rating IP66
Use Inside or outside
Transmission range 300 m
Radio frequency 2.4 GHz
Connection Wi-Fi
Resolution 1920x1080p
Night vision Yes, 10 m
Contents One HD camera + one power supply + mounting accessories + manual

Manuels d'utilisation


Optimise your security

Thanks to a monitoring system, you will feel safer. You will be able to sleep peacefully while your cameras are on the lookout for the slightest movement or strange noise. An additional camera allows you to increase your viewing area, as well as your security.

The camera allows you to observe at a distance of up to 300 m during the day and 10 m at night. In other words, nothing will escape you.

Easy to install

To install it, simply attach the camera mount to a stable surface. If you decide to use it indoors to keep an eye on your home, you can, for example, install it on a ceiling or wall using the screws provided. For outdoor use, the principle is the same; you just need a straight wall that allows the camera to be stable.