Chacon Wi-Fi timer (SCH plug)


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Control and programme your electrical devices from anywhere using your smartphone.

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• Remote control with your smartphone from anywhere in the world, through the Internet
• Voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
• Easy to install in a single step directly from your smartphone
• Multi-function hourly programming
• Countdown
• Presence simulation (theft prevention)
• Programming of time slots
• Free Chacon Home smartphone and tablet application on Android and iOS
• The same application as for Chacon Home Multi-socket strip and modules
• Flat plug for easy installation behind furniture
• 6 A 230 VAC 50 Hz MAX 3500 W
• Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n

Warranty 2 years
Power (W) 3500 W
Socket type SCH
Amperage (A) 16 A
Use Inside only
Radio frequency 2.4 GHz
Connection Wi-Fi
Smartphone-controllable Yes
Mobile app
Status feedback Yes
Timer programming
Voice-controllable Yes, with Alexa and Google Home

Control your devices remotely

Through a simple Wi-Fi connection, the ON/OFF Wi-Fi smart plug lets you remotely control the devices that are connected to it, in particular by creating different scenarios.
This connected programmer makes things ten times more convenient whilst reducing the size of your electricity bill.

Control your energy consumption

This connected Wi-Fi programmer makes things ten times more convenient whilst reducing the size of your electricity bill.
By using the Wi-Fi smart plug, you can make significant energy savings. It provides remote management of the devices connected to the block. You can also schedule when to turn off a device or a lamp automatically after a set time, using the countdown function. This stops you consuming energy unnecessarily when you are not using them. It is particularly useful for multimedia devices in standby mode or for supplementary heating, for example.

Schedules and scenarios

Using the mobile app, you can set up and program different scenarios. For example, you can schedule your spare radiator to come on when you wake up so that your room is nice and warm for a pleasant start to the day.

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