DiO 1.0 double wireless indoor switch


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Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary

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  • 54725
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This switch lets you control your lamps or other electrical devices remotely. You will love how easy it is to install and use; anyone can do it.

- Function: On/Off and dimmer
- Number of channels: 2
- Compatible with all DiO 1.0 receivers
- Transmission range: 50 m (in free field)
- Contents: One single switch, one CR2032 3-V battery, mounting accessories

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Quick and easy installation

No more need to do building work and open all your walls to install new fixtures. Thanks to its adhesive, easily place the wireless switch wherever you like, and connect it to your DiO 1.0 lighting module and/or smart socket.

Make savings

The wireless switch lets you control your light automatically, individually or centrally. It can control an unlimited number of modules and sockets, so you can control all the lights in a room, or even on the whole floor.

Example of a life scenario: Save a "Work Day" mode. Once you click on the switch that you have placed by your bed, for example, the house wakes up at the same time as you: the lights come on, the heating is switched on and the shutters open.