DiO 1.0 wireless switch


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Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary

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The DiO wireless smart home switch lets you control your life scenarios, lighting, roller shutters, or even DiO connected heating, individually or centrally.

- Function: On/Off and dimmer
- Number of channels: 1
- Compatible with all DiO 1.0 receivers
- Transmission range: 50 m (in free field)
- Contents: One single switch, one CR2032 3-V battery, mounting accessories

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Quick and easy installation

- No more need to pull cables or cut trenches in your wall to install a lighting system. Easily place the wireless switch wherever you like, thanks to its adhesive, and connect it to your DiO 1.0 lighting module and/or smart socket.

There are two possibilities:
- Connect the switch to the DiO HomeBox to control your life scenarios or all of your DiO accessories (1.0 and 2.0)


- Connect your switch directly to your DiO 1.0 accessories to control them locally, one by one or centrally.

Make savings

With a simple click on the switch located near the front door, you can activate a scenario you have created.

Example of a life scenario: Save the "Home Start" mode. Once you click on the switch that you have placed near your front door, for example, the house goes into "Eco" mode: The lights go out, the shutters close, and the heater switches to economy/absent mode.