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Easily install or replace your doorbell with this long-range wireless doorbell – no wiring necessary. To be placed on its stand or wall-mounted.

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  • 84212
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- Easy to install: wireless.
- Choice of 5 tunes and/or flashing light patterns and 4 sound levels
- Long transmission range of 200 m.
- 100% Compatible with the DiO range of products
- Accessories: Max. 4 transmitters linked to the doorbell.
- Possibility to set a different melody for each transmitter

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For even more security

By linking several transmitters (switch, door opening detector...) to the chime, you can be aware of the smallest detail thanks to a melody that sounds. For example, if someone opens your door, the detector will send a signal to the door chime to warn you.

Even better: you can choose a different melody for each transmitter so you know where it comes from.

Personalise your home automation installation

This chime is compatible with all products in the DiO by Chacon range. This allows you to customize your installation and adapt it to your needs.

For example, you can link it to your motion detector, indoor or outdoor, to create a small security system that will warn you in case of intrusion.