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Install a doorbell easily – no wiring necessary.

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  • 84201
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Easily install or replace yourchime with the DiO long-range wireless chime – no wiring necessary.

- Transmission range: up to 200 m (in free field).
- Choice of 5 tunes and/or flashing light patterns, and four sound levels
- Ability to control each chime via 4 different DiO 1.0 transmitters (button, remote control, wireless switch) with a specific tune for each transmitter.
- Additional waterproof protector included
- 100% compatible with the DiO 1.0 range (except motion sensor 54741)
- Contents: 1 chime (3 AA batteries not included), 1 button (CR2032 battery included), mounting accessories.

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Quick and easy to install

Installing a doorbell has never seemed so easy. The chime can be placed anywhere, on a piece of furniture or mounted on a wall.

The button can simply be affixed or screw-mounted wherever you need it. If you want the same thing outside, an extra waterproof protector is included.


The transmission range is relatively long, allowing you to place your chime and button up to 200 m apart.

You can also add other transmitters (max. 4) that will be linked to your chime (receiver). And your chime can play a different tune for each of them.