Long Range Wireless Chime Kit with 1 Door Opening Sensor - DiO Design

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Be alerted by a loud noise as soon as a door is opened.

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  • 84204
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This kit contains a chime and a door/window opening sensor. This will send you an audible notification when a door is opened.

- Transmission range: up to 200 m (in free field)
- Choice of five melodies and/or flashing lights
- 4 volume levels
- Up to 4 connected transmitters (choice of ring tone and volume for each transmitter)
- Additional waterproof protection provided for the button.
- 100% compatible with the DiO 1.0 range (except motion sensor 54741)
- Contents: 1 chime (3 AA batteries not included), 1 door opening sensor (CR2032 - 3 V battery)

Manuels d'utilisation


Reinforced security

Thanks to the door opening sensor and the chime that sounds once the door has been passed, you will be warned immediately when someone enters your home.

The detector is for indoor use only; you can place it for example on your cellar door if you have small children who should not go down there.


You can place your detector and chime up to 200 m apart (free field). Each chime can be connected to 4 different transmitters. Each transmitter can have a custom ring tone and volume, so you know exactly what your kids are doing or just where they are.