Additional 7" ultra-slim screen - Black

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Complete your videophone installation by adding a second touch screen.

  • 34874
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  • 34874
 In stock

With the 2-wire technology, this understated and elegant second screen will be quick and easy to install.

- Touch buttons
- 7" (17.8cm) screen
- Adjustable brightness, contrast and volume
- 13.5 V DC
- Compatible with the following models: 34844 & 34863
- 2-year guarantee

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color Black
Voltage 13,5V
Connection Wired, 2 wires
Type of supply Adapter
Remote access Door + Gate
Night Vision Yes
Adjustable volume Yes
Number of melodies 10
Contrast setting Yes
Brightness control Yes
Screen size LCD 7 (17

Quick installation

This display features two-wire technology, which means that installation will be quick and easy.

More visibility

You're upstairs or at the other end of your apartment/house and the mailman rings. You hurry, but too late... He has already left. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the next day for him to come back with your package. 

Same situation with a second screen... The letter carrier rings, no need to run anymore, you see him on your second screen that you placed on the floor. By pressing the button, you can warn him that you are coming or open the door. 

By adding a second screen, you won't miss any more visits.

Elegant design

A sleek screen, touch-sensitive buttons, settings for better vision... this screen has it all. With its slim black design, you can place it anywhere in your home.

More security

In addition to improving your comfort, the videophone makes you feel safer. Indeed, if someone rings your doorbell without you having planned a visit, you can't know if it's really the mailman, the deliveryman... With this screen, you can observe who your visitor is and open it without fear.