Set of 3 mini outside sockets On/Off + remote control
  • Set of 3 mini outside sockets On/Off + remote control

Set of 3 mini outside sockets + remote control


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Control your garden remotely from your deck chair using the remote control provided. 

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  • 54675
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These waterproof sockets let you keep your electrical devices plugged in safely and control your fountain or outdoor lamp...remotely.

- Remote control using the remote control unit provided 
- Radio frequency: 433.92 MHz 
- Transmission range: 30 m 
- Maximum power: 3000 W
- Function: On and off 
- Waterproof sockets: IP44
- Mini sockets: 65 x 58 x 83 mm 
- Remote control: 4 channels 

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Easy to install

These sockets are quick to install and act as a kind of adapter to make your electrical device remotely controllable. This means you can switch your outdoor lamps on and off remotely, to make the most of your garden, even after nightfall. 

For even more convenience... 

Lounging in the garden, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, and switching on your fountain to relax... Even better: switching on your electric barbecue remotely so your partner can prepare the meal. You can do all of this with our remote-controlled waterproof sockets. In addition to improving your everyday comfort, the concept is extremely simple. With just one click of the remote control, your electrical devices and lights will switch on or off. 

Protection for your devices

These sockets are designed to meet your needs. They enhance your comfort and are easy to install, and you can use them outdoors or indoors without any risk of damaging your electrical devices or lights.