copy of Set of four mini sockets On/Off + remote control
  • copy of Set of four mini sockets On/Off + remote control

Set of 3 outside mini sockets + remote control


Including €0.12 for ecotax

Control your outdoor electrical devices remotely using the remote control provided. 

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  • 54672
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These waterproof sockets with shutters let you plug in your outdoor lighting, fountains, electric pumps, etc. safely and control them remotely. 

- Remote control using the remote control unit provided 
- Radio frequency: 433.92 MHz 
- Transmission range: 30 m 
- Maximum power: 3000 W
- Function: On and off 
- Waterproof sockets: IP44
- Mini sockets: 65 x 58 x 83 mm 
- Remote control: 4 channels 

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Quick to install

Installed in under a minute! No product could be simpler...just plug it into your outdoor wall socket, and then connect the electrical devices you wish to control remotely to its sockets. In other words, our outdoor sockets act as a kind of adapter to make any device remotely controllable. 

Improve your daily life

You have been in your garden with guests since early afternoon, when night begins to fall. In the blink of an eye, you pick up your remote control and switch on your outdoor lights so you can see better the insect killer to protect yourself from night-time bites, and your electric fountain to add a little exotic touch to your party. 

Security for your devices

These remote-controlled sockets are also waterproof, allowing both outdoor and indoor use without the risk of damaging your electrical devices or lights.