Module for electric roller shutter


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Control your shutters from anywhere and check if they are open on your smartphone

  • ED-SH-01
  • ED-SH-01
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Fit this small module to your electric roller shutters to control them from your sofa or from the other side of the world individually, centrally or automatically.

In short:

• Control your shutter by voice control via the DiO Home+ home automation unit, compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers.
• Transmission distance of up to 150 m so you can control it from your sofa with whichever DiO 2.0 wireless controller you prefer.
• Control your shutters from anywhere through your smartphone (using the HomeBox or DiO Home+).
• Check if your shutters are open or closed on your smartphone.
• Programme your shutters to open and close automatically to suit your schedule or the weather using the free DiO Home app.
• Optional extension of range by activating the signal repeater integrated in the module.
• Contents: one roller shutter mini-module.

Warranty 2 years
Connection Wireless
Protection rating IP20
Use Inside only
Type of solution Receiver
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Radio protocol DiO 2.0
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Smartphone-controllable Yes
Status feedback Yes

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Save time

No more opening your shutters one at a time every morning!
With the DiO wireless solution at your fingertips, you can open your shutters effortlessly from your bed or your armchair.

Don't waste another second: control your shutters to open and close automatically, centrally. For example, close the shutters facing the street when it gets dark, or programme them to wake you up each morning when it gets light.

Installation accessible to all

You just have to connect a mini-module to each electric roller shutter you want to control remotely, choose a DiO 2.0 controller and link them in just a couple of seconds.

When installing, you can choose to move the pairing button located on the module to the DiO 2.0 switch (model ED-SW-01/02/03/04) so you can add new DiO controllers, without having to access the module.

The shutter mini-module is compatible with all DiO 2.0 wireless controllers and detectors:
- Remote control,
- Wireless switches,
- HomeBox or DiO Home+ for control via your smartphone,
- Motion detectors and door/window opening detectors.

Suits your lifestyle

Suits your lifestyle

Economical and secure

With smart roller shutters you get better insulation, save energy and make your home secure.

Insulate your home from the heat and the cold by programming and automating your shutters. Programme your shutters to close automatically in winter as soon as it gets dark. In summer, close them when the room temperature exceeds a certain temperature (measured by your DiO temperature probe) to avoid heating your home more than is necessary.

Make your home secure easily by simulating your presence when you are out, or connect your shutters to the motion detector to close them automatically if a presence is detected.