PowerBall Extended - USB + connector (FR)


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Charge your electrical devices using your designer PowerBall unit.

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The PowerBall, an ultra-stylish power strip in the shape of a ball to charge your electrical devices and smartphones via USB.

- Four 16-A 250-V sockets + two USB 2.1-A
- Power: 3680 W
- Childproof
- Cable: 1.5 m 3G 1.5 mm2

Compact and stylish

The PowerBall extended allows you to charge six electrical devices simultaneously on sockets and/or USB. And yes, this ball-shaped power strip has four sockets and two USB slots, so you can charge your phone at the same time as your coffee machine, electric toothbrush... and so on without any risk of overload.

Reliable and economical!

Our PowerBall is undoubtedly one of the most competitive products on the market. Inexpensive, but also very stylish. Its attractive, innovative design and spherical body allows you to place it anywhere in your home without necessarily hiding it.