Bluetooth Mesh remote control
  • Bluetooth Mesh remote control
  • Bluetooth Mesh remote control

Bluetooth Mesh connected remote control

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Adjust the brightness and colour of your bulbs according to your needs.

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  • RCUM
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Remote control for the control of colour and white low-energy LED bulbs.

- On/Off operation
- Brightness and colour settings
- Warm & cool white setting
- Ability to add favourites
- Ability to create effects
- Controls up to 50 Bluetooth mesh bulbs
- Connectivity / pairing distance: Bluetooth Smart (30 m)
- Battery / life: AAA / 2 years
- Guarantee: 2 years
- Wireless technology: Bluetooth Smart Energy
- Compatibility: the entire SmartLIGHT Mesh range

Adapt the lighting to your needs

From your sofa, you can adjust the intensity of your lighting to suit your needs.

A cinema session with warm white light and medium intensity, during a sports or study session where you have opted for a cool, well-lit white or a more romantic atmosphere with shades of red and orange.

Even more convenience

The principle of Mesh technology is to send a signal from one light bulb to another in order to extend Bluetooth signal coverage to all the light bulbs in your home. Simply put, if you add a second bulb, the distance that was 50 m will double.

Your remote control will be able to control your bulbs from a distance of about 30 m. If you use your smartphone, you won't have any more questions to ask yourself, whether your bulbs are at the bottom of the garden or on the 3rd floor, you will be able to control them without any problem. The direct range of Bluetooth is usually around 15 metres; with Mesh, it is now possible to cover distances greater than 50 metres.

Favourite options

Once you've found the perfect environment, you can press the Favourite Options buttons to simply click on it the next time you want to use it.

Can you imagine a romantic evening with your guest and having to look for the ideal intensity and colour for your evening? It will take you some time and you won't be able to fully enjoy the moment because your composition is not the same as the day before. But fortunately, you remember that the day before, you saved your creation. And with one click, you re-create the mood, and your guest will be immediately charmed.