Stylish block with switch - 3 x 16 A - 3 m (SCH)

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Connect your electrical appliances and lamps to a power strip with a unique design.

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  • 46313
 In stock

- Wall fittings
- Foot switch
- Childproof
- Recessed socket for transformer
- Cable opposite the switch
- Number of sockets: 3 x 16 A
- Cable: 3 m

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of plug SCH
Number of plugs 3x16A
Type of cable H05VV-F 3x1,5mm2
Length of cable 3m
Switch 1x

Elegant design

A unique and refined design, the power strip is designed not to be an object that you'd want to hide at all costs, but to look modern and blend in perfectly with any style of interior decoration.

The part with the cord is in the opposite direction from the switch. This allows you to let only the part with the switch protrude from the furniture. You can then easily switch your appliances and/or lights on and off.

Energy saving

Stop leaving your connected devices on standby. With the foot switch, you can easily switch your devices on and off simultaneously.


If you have tall furniture with small lamps or just a wall-mounted TV, you can hang your power strip behind it with the wall mount, so that you don't leave any protruding wires and have a cleaner, neater look.