€15.90 €14.31
DiO 1.0 On/Off nano socket

A plug in a socket that allows you to control your lamps and electrical appliances remotely.

€34.90 €27.92
DiO 1.0 mini waterproof remote controlled plug

Control your lighting or outdoor electrical appliances remotely.

€29.90 €26.91
Plug Dio Nano outdoor + 1 channel remote control

Control your lighting or outdoor electrical appliances remotely.

€29.90 €23.92
On/off socket - DiO 2.0 - (SCH)
From your smartphone, control your lamps and electrical appliances.
€14.90 €13.41
Programmable 1-channel DiO remote control

Control your lamps or electrical devices from anywhere.

€19.90 €15.92
16-channel DiO 1.0 remote control unit

A remote control that lets you control your whole house from the sofa.

€39.90 €31.92
Wireless lighting module DiO 2.0

Control your house lights remotely with your smartphone.

€36.90 €29.52
DiO First Nano: Three sockets + remote control

To control your electrical appliances and lights wirelessly.

€24.90 €22.41
DiO First: Three On/off sockets (UK) + Remote control

Control your lamps and appliances from your sofa thanks to the remote control supplied.

€15.90 €14.31
DiO 3-channel remote control

Control your lamps, power-assisted systems or electrical devices anywhere in your home.

€12.90 €11.61
Dimmable DiO connected LED bulb

Control your lighting as you wish, remotely, using a remote control, your smartphone, or voice control

€29.90 €23.92
DiO 2.0 black two-button wireless switch

Ultra-thin and stylish, easily adapts to all types of interior

€24.90 €19.92
DIO 2.0 wireless smiley button

Wireless, it will be perfect in a child's room.

€52.90 €42.32
Long Range Wireless Chime Kit with 2 receivers - DiO Design

Easily install or replace your doorbell with this long-range wireless doorbell – no wiring necessary.

€59.90 €53.91
DiO 2.0 thermostatic remote control unit

It’s easy to control and programme your radiators