Wireless garden pack for lighting, gate, pool, etc.


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Control and automate your outdoor lights, sprinkler system, fountain, gate, or garage door from your remote control

  • ED-GK-01
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  • ED-GK-01
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The garden solution pack is a ready-to-use system that lets you easily control your garden lights, sprinkler systems, entrance, or the pump of your outside pond, your fountain, or the opening of your gate or garage door.

Very useful for outdoor applications, it can operate in timer mode, personalisable from 5 to 240 minutes!
It is supplied with compact and stylish remote controls, and you can also control your outdoor devices from a DiO 2.0 wireless switch for individual or centralised control, or both!

Contents: 1 garden module with 1 input, 4 outputs in its sealed unit, two 2- or 4-channel remote controls

Warranty 2 years
Colour Light grey
Amperage (A) 10 A
Protection rating IP66
Use Inside or outside
Type of solution Kit / Complete solution
Type of control On/Off
Transmission range 150 m
Remote-control included Yes
Battery 1 - Type CR2032 3 V
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Supplied Included
Number of channels 2 - 4
Timer Yes
Lifespan (normal use) 3 years
Radio protocol DiO 2.0
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Smartphone-controllable No
Status feedback Yes
Contents One garden module with 1 input, 4 outputs in its sealed unit, two 2- or 4-channel remote controls

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Automating your garden provides many advantages in terms of convenience, energy savings, and security.

Automatic outdoor lighting, for example, is very enjoyable and useful in the garden. Whether arriving home late or just enjoying a summer evening, the outside light goes on automatically at the desired time, or is operated by remote control.
The Garden Solution Pack lets you control four separate outside lighting zones from a single control point, which makes it easy to create your lighting moods and to secure the perimeter of your home.

Nobody still needs to be convinced of the advantages of automatic gates and garage doors. Opening the gate to your driveway from the comfort of your car is extremely convenient.

Finally, by setting up a timer, you can automatically switch off your lights, pump, fountain, or sprinklers, and save a considerable amount of energy and money. This means that the Garden Solution Pack very quickly pays for itself, in addition to the comfort it brings you every day.


Easy to use and install thanks to its preconfiguration, you can simply arrive with a power supply in the sealed box.

From there, you connect each of the four outputs to your accessories (lights, garage door, etc.) to control them remotely, whether individually, centrally, or even via scenarios thanks to the built-in personalisable timer.




This one totally personalisable module lets you control everything you need in your garden, for example the 1-2-3 outputs are configured in On/Off mode with timer for automatic lighting of your driveway, whilst Output 4 is configured in Pulse mode, independently of the timer, to control your garage door from your remote control when you get home.

This garden solution is suitable for all types of application: lighting, gates, garage doors, garden sprinkler systems, pumps, fountains, motors, electric bolts, automation, etc.