Two-way pack - On / Off


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Create a two-way control system without doing any wiring between your lights and the transmitters (remote controls, wireless switches, etc.).
  • EPK-70
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  • EPK-70
 Out of stock

The two-way On/Off pack allows you to add a new control point without doing any wiring. You can even reuse your existing switch thanks to the input on the module.

- On/Off with Timer
- Wireless two-way control
- Light grouping - Timer
- Easy to configure
- Contents: 1x module (EMR1000SM) + 1x 2-button wireless switch (EFP-W02+ EBP8-W)

Controlling a lighting circuit via a wired switch and via a wireless switch

It must be said that switches are often badly positioned. Thanks to our two-way On/Off switch package, you can add a second control point without doing any wiring and in the location of your choice.

Easy to install

This pack allows you to create a two-way control system between your lighting and a wireless switch, whilst keeping control with your old switch thanks to the input on the module. In a few minutes you add a second switch wherever you want, and control your light via two different switches.