Car solution pack

With a simple flash of the headlights, open your garage door and/or gate.
  • EPK-60
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  • EPK-60
 Out of stock

Car radio transmitter to control lighting, open and close garage doors, shutters/blinds, electric latch, etc.

- On/Off
- Open/Stop/Close
- Also controls automations operating on pulse contact input
- Floating contact
- Contents: car radio transmitter (EMC-CAR) + module (ED-SH-03)

More comfort

This "Car Solution" pack is composed of two parts, a receiver to be installed on a garage door, gate, electric latch, lighting, etc. This can be set to on/off or pulse. The other part is the transmitter, which is installed directly on your car. It will emit a radio signal every time the headlights are switched on and will open your garage door.

Control your receivers by flashing your headlights!

Pretty handy when it's cold or raining outside. Without getting out of the car and with a simple flash of the headlights, your garage or gate opens automatically to let you in. This will allow you to control the lighting, opening and closing of a garage door, shutter or electric latch.

Thanks to this solution, you won't have to look for your keys or remote control any more!