Two-way pack - Dimmer

Create a two-way control system without doing any wiring between your lights and the transmitters (remote controls, wireless switches, etc.) and adjust the brightness of your lighting according to your needs.
  • EPK-20
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  • EPK-20
 Out of stock

This two-way pack (dimmer) is ideal for adding a new wireless control point wherever you want, while turning your standard lighting into dimmable lighting.

- Lets you add a wireless two-way control system and add a control without any wiring,
- Dimmer or On/Off - Timer
- Easy to configure
- This pack is also compatible with all types of dimmable LED.
- Contents: Wireless Microtransmitter (EMM-100) + Module (EMSD-300)

Easy to install

This pack allows you to create a two-way control system between your lighting and a wireless switch. In just a few minutes you can add a second switch at the desired location and control your light via two different switches.

Adapt your lighting to your needs

The other advantage of this pack is that you can adjust the brightness of your lighting and adapt it to your daily life. Bright light for working or cooking, or you can opt for softer lighting, for example for a romantic dinner or a film session.