Repeater for car
  • Repeater for car

Micro transmitter for a car


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Open your garage door by just flashing the headlights.
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The functions are infinite: you can control your gate, shutters, and garage door by just flashing your headlights

- Comfort: no more looking for your keys or remote control
- Control and centralisation of all receivers
- Launching scenarios
- Simple installation on your car
- Watertightness: IP65
- Power supply: 12 V DC (on car battery + headlight flashes)
- Transmission frequency: 868.3 MHz
- Operating temperature: -10°C +50°C- Also suitable for motorcycles
Warranty 2 years
Colour Black
Connection Wired
Protection rating IP65
Use Inside or outside
Type of solution Transmitter
Type of control On/Off
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Remote-control included Non
Radio protocol edisio
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Status feedback No
Signal repeater (meshing) No
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The transmitter is 100% waterproof. It connects to the vehicle's headlight switch. The technology is simple: A micro transmitter is connected to the bulb of your headlights; you will only have to flash the headlights. A radio signal will be sent from your vehicle to the desired receiver(s). And your garage door or gate will open automatically.

The microtransmitter requires two flashes of the headlights, not just one. In order to avoid any unwanted actions.

More comfort

When you come home from work, you won't have to look for the remote control for your gate or even get out of your car; a flash of the headlights will suffice. The scenario function allows you to customise your "arrival" scenario. With a simple flash of the headlights, you can activate your garage door, exterior lighting and heating.

Safety when you return home can also be improved, for example, you can light up your driveway without getting out of your car while opening your gate and garage door, etc.