Temperature sensor
  • Temperature sensor

Wireless temperature sensor


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Control the temperature of your home according to your needs with a DiO control or via your smartphone, pc or tablet.
  • ETS-100
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  • ETS-100
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With this wireless temperature sensor, you can view and adjust the temperature in your home at any time with a DiO control or with your smartphone, PC or tablet via the application.

- Remote management, precise heating control
- Compatibility with all smartphones/iPhones, PCs, and tablets via the DiO application.
- LED indicator
- Protocol: 868 MHz, DiO by Edisio
- Compatibility with the DiO range possible via the DiOHome+ box
- Temperature setting: 0.5°C or 1°C adjustable.
- Radio protocol: 868 MHz by Edisio.
- Free-field range: 150 m.
- Power supply: ER14250 battery included.
- Battery life in normal use: 3 years.
- Contents: Temperature sensor + mounting equipment + manual
Warranty 2 years
Colour White
Connection Wireless
Protection rating IP20
Power supply type Battery/ies
Use Inside only
Type of solution Transmitter
Type of control On/Off
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Remote-control included Non
Battery 1 - Type ER14250
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Supplied Included
Attachment On furniture / Wall-mounted
Lifespan (normal use) 5 years
Low battery indicator Non
Radio protocol edisio
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Status feedback No
Signal repeater (meshing) No
Contents 1 catpteur + accessoires

Discreet, stylish and wireless

Small and discreet, this temperature sensor can be placed wherever you want. It informs you of the room temperature and you can link it with a heating module to create a virtual thermostat and adapt the temperature according to your needs and routine. It is easy to install and can be installed in a few seconds using double-sided adhesive or screws.

Ability to create a virtual thermostat

You can combine this sensor with your heating to create a virtual thermostat, allowing you to precisely adjust the temperature of your home at any time with your smartphone, PC or tablet via the free DiO application. In the long term, you quickly realise that the sensor saves you energy and money, in addition to enhancing your comfort.

Adapt to your needs!

Via the DiO application, you can create life scenarios and at the same time adapt and program with precise schedules stating at what time and at what temperature your heating should switch on. So that by the time you wake up in the morning, your house will already be heated when you get out of bed.

For even more comfort, you can combine your sensor with door and window opening sensors so that it can automatically adjust the temperature and save energy and money.