Door/window opening detector
  • Door/window opening detector

Opening detector


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To know the opening and closing status of all objects, doors, drawers... anything that can be opened.
  • EDS-100
  • EDS-100
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This opening detector can be placed on a door, a window, a garage door, a drawer, etc.

- Battery-powered wireless magnetic sensor
- Detects opening/closing
- Ultra compact for easy installation
- Signal transmitted instantaneously on opening or closing
- Mounting with screws or double-sided adhesive
- Operating temperature: 0°C +45°C
- Range (free field): 100 m

Note: Requires EGW-lite box

Discreet and stylish

This wireless opening detector is easy to place wherever you want to add surveillance. Its compact and discreet design lets you insert it on your door or window without detracting from your interior decoration.

Adapt to your needs

In combination with the EGW-lite box and other receivers, you can trigger different scenarios: opening or closing the shutters, switching the lights on or off, etc.

Increase your security!

When an opening is detected, this sensor will, depending on your configuration, trigger an Edisio receiver module in order to switch a light on or off, or close or open the roller shutters.