Two-channel transmitter micro-module on 230 V
  • Two-channel transmitter micro-module on 230 V
  • Two-channel transmitter micro-module on 230 V

Micromodule for switch - 230 volts


Including €0.05 for ecotax

Make your existing switches intelligent enough to control any automation and light fittings.
  • EMM-230
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  • EMM-230
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This module allows you to associate any switch with our receivers so that you can keep your switch without changing your interior design.

- Control 1 or 2 groups of lights or doors/windows
- On/ Off / Dimmer
- Open/Stop/Close
- Ability to create scenarios while keeping your switch
- Dimming the lighting from an existing bistable switch
- Two-way micromodule
- Range (free field): 100 m
- Operates on 230 volts
- 4 pre-wired wires
Warranty 2 years
Colour White
Connection Wired
Protection rating IP20
Use Inside only
Type of solution Transmitter
Type of control On/Off + Dimmer
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Remote-control included Non
Attachment Flush-mounted
Voltage 230 V
Radio protocol edisio
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Status feedback No
Signal repeater (meshing) No
Contents 1 émetteur

Quick and easy to install

The installation of this extra-flat micromodule is child's play, thanks to its 4 pre-wired wires. Simply pull your switch out of its cover and connect it to the module.

This way, you will keep your existing switches while benefiting from Edisio wireless technology. Your existing switches will be able to control on/off/dim, open/stop/close and create scenarios.

More comfort

Without doing any wiring, you can make your simple switches intelligent, so that your automations and lights will switch on or off according to your needs.

With this module you can, for example:
1 "Start" button to switch off the lights, the shutters closed
on 1 button, "Morning", the lights are switched on at low intensity and the shutters open