Switchplate for Edisio - red crystal
  • Switchplate for Edisio - red crystal

Switchplate - Red 4 buttons - Diamond

Stylish and modern; switches have never been so elegant. Must be associated with a switch base.
  • EFC-R04
  • EFC-R04
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This four-button red switchplate, combined with a switch base, allows you to remotely control your lighting and electrical appliances.

- Number of channels: 4
- Interchangeable, with 11 colours to choose from
- Scenarios can be created (1 button: "Work" bathroom heating on, coffee on, etc.)
- Quick and easy to install

Note: the switchplate must be combined with a switch base (Cat. Nos.: ebp8-w, ebp8-b)

Quick to install

Your comfort at the touch of a button, thanks to our modern, designer wireless switch. You can place your device anywhere you want without doing any wiring. A screw or double-sided adhesive tape will suffice.

On each switch, you can add up to 5 buttons and thus control your electrical appliances and/or lights without moving.

Adapt to your look

The Diamond range is made of tough, shiny glass. It brings a touch of refinement to the home while remaining versatile thanks to its wide choice of colours.

Use sparingly: just a few touches of red will energise your whole decor and add warmth to your furniture.