Easylink LITE gateway
  • Easylink LITE gateway

Home automation unit


Including €0.10 for ecotax

Control your whole home using your smartphone, pc, or tablet
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EGW-lite is the solution to centralise your entire installation from any device: smartphone, pc, tablet.

- 100% Plug & Play
- Remote control via smartphone / tablet / PC
- Edisio app for Android or IOS
- Functionality: On / Off / Dimmer - Open / Stop / Close - Timer
- Programming scenarios
- Power supply: 230 V
- Transmission frequency: 868.3 MHz and 433 MHz
- Free-field range: 150 m
- Two-way
Warranty 2 years
Colour White
Connection Wired
Protection rating IP20
Use Inside only
Type of solution Receiver
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Remote-control included Non
Attachment On furniture / Wall-mounted
Radio protocol edisio
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Status feedback Yes
Signal repeater (meshing) No
Contents 1 box

Easy to install

The box connects to your internet router and is easy to configure. It also works locally in the event of an internet outage, using a remote control or wireless switch. The scenarios are stored locally on the box and will work even without an internet connection.

The box allows you to control all Edisio receivers operating at a frequency of 868 MHz, as well as DiO products, which communicate at a frequency of 433 MHz.

Create your scenarios

The EGW-lite home automation box is the 100% Plug and Play solution to centralise your entire home automation installation and control it remotely with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The box allows you to manage the thermal regulation of your home, and to program, control and centralise your lamps and/or roller shutters.

Thanks to the temperature control function, you can save money by programming the temperature management for each day of the week. In addition, you can manage the ambient temperature of your home remotely, so that you can enjoy an interior that is always at the right temperature.

You can also create scenarios by grouping actions that will improve your comfort, e.g. open/close shutters and switch on/off lamps, open a gate and switch on garden lamps, etc.