Switchplate for Edisio - mauve crystal
  • Switchplate for Edisio - mauve crystal

Switchplate - Purple 3 buttons - Diamond

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The purple wireless switch will give a touch of colour to your interior. Must be associated with a switch base.
  • EFC-V03
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  • EFC-V03
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This three-button purple switchplate, combined with a switch base, allows you to remotely control your lights and electrical appliances.

- Number of channels: 3
- Choose from 11 colours, interchangeable according to your desires
- Possibility to create your own scenarios (1 button: "Morning" lights on, shutters open)
- Quick and easy to install

Note: the switchplate must be combined with a switch base (Cat. Nos.: ebp8-w, ebp8-b)

Easy to install

Our wireless switches allow you to improve your comfort in seconds. You can place it wherever you want since it does not require you to do any wiring or touch the electrical panel.

Each of our switches allows you to add up to 5 buttons, to control your devices and lights individually or centrally from a distance.

Understated and stylish

An ultra-thin design combined with tough, shiny glass materials allows you to place the wireless switch anywhere. Dark purple blends perfectly with cold colours such as blue and green, but also with warm colours such as pink and red.