Switchplate for Edisio - gold crystal
  • Switchplate for Edisio - gold crystal

Switchplate - Gold 3 buttons - Diamond

Put a touch of dream in your home with the golden wireless switch. Must be associated with a switch base.
  • EFC-D03
  • EFC-D03
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This three-button gold switchplate, combined with a switch base, allows you to remotely control your lights and electrical appliances.

- Number of channels: 3
- Choose from 11 colours, interchangeable according to your desires
- Possibility to create your own scenarios (1 button: "Morning" lights on, shutters open)
- Quick and easy to install

Note: the switchplate must be combined with a switch base (Cat. Nos.: ebp8-w, ebp8-b)

Quick to install

Installation is quick: you can choose the location that suits you best, since it is wireless. All Edisio switches have 5 channels. It is the switchplate that determines the number of buttons.

The switchplate is placed over the switch base. Together, they allow you to control each of your lights and electrical appliances.

Finally, a stylish smart switch!

Opt for a golden switch with a refined and elegant design. The switches of the Diamond range are made of tough, shiny glass. You can adapt the colour of the switchplate to suit your preferences and interior design.