Caméras IP

View and record remotely, for anyone

In addition to displaying your home remotely, the WiFi camera makes your home secure by notifying you immediately if a movement or sound is detected. You can then view and listen live to what is going on and even speak if necessary. If you are not available, a video will be recorded and you can watch it at any time, from anywhere, on your smartphone. No technical, technological or computing knowledge necessary, either to install or to use our cameras. You can connect your camera to your smartphone in only ten minutes directly from your mobile app, and that’s all there is to it! 1- Connect the camera to the power supply, 2- Download the application, 3- Use the app to install the camera in just a few seconds.

Clear, wide, professional surveillance

Whether wide-angle or with motorised lens, our surveillance cameras let you view every nook and cranny inside your house. With their high-resolution technology, they broadcast and record every detail, both day and night, thanks to their night vision capability. In addition, their simple, stylish design make them blend in discreetly in any room: on a wall, on a ceiling, or in your library. All the necessary fittings are provided with our cameras.

Monitor your house whilst protecting your privacy

With the “Private Mode” available on some of our camera models, you need no longer fear any visual intrusions into your home. As soon as you get home, the camera lens is covered and you don't need to feel watched or exposed. Get the most out of your home and your privacy. You can also put your camera on stand-by manually at any time through your app or create a schedule, to avoid filming the rest of the family.