Lighting mini-module flush-mounted behind your switch


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Control your lights from your sofa or from the other side of the world

  • ED-LI-08
  • ED-LI-08
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With this lighting module flush-mounted behind the existing switch, you can control your lights remotely – no wiring necessary.

Link it to the DiO home automation unit to control your lighting using your smartphone, use a single controller, programme your timers and create life scenarios.

In short:
- One of the smallest smart lighting modules on the market.
- Add this mini-module behind your switch with just a screwdriver.
- Control your lights with your existing switch.
- Compatible with all existing wired switches (push button or conventional switches).
- Use in either On/Off or light dimmer mode.
- Transmission distance up to 150 m
= Optional extension of range by activating the signal repeater integrated in the mini-module.
- Remote control from your sofa with the DiO 2.0 controller of your choice or from anywhere else with your smartphone (via the HomeBox or DiO Home+).
- Control your lighting by voice control via the DiO Home+ home automation unit, compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers.
- Using status feedback, you can see if your lamp is switched on or off from wherever you are with your smartphone.
- Optional activation of the built-in timer so your lamp turns off automatically after the allotted time (2, 5, 10, or 30 minutes).
- Contents: one lighting mini-module.

Warranty 2 years
Colour White/Green
Power (W) 300 W
Use Inside only
Type of control On/Off + Dimmer
Transmission range 150 m
Timer Yes
Attachment Flush-mounted
Radio protocol DiO 2.0
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Smartphone-controllable Yes
Status feedback Yes
Bulb compatibility Incandescent, Halogen, LED, ECO

Manuels d'utilisation

Let your fingertips turn your lighting on as you wish

Using this mini-module connected behind your existing switch, you can turn your traditional light into an intelligent light. Then, you just have to choose how you want to control it:
- With a wireless switch that you can place anywhere in your home without any rewiring;
- With the keychain remote control that is always handy;
- With your smartphone (via the HomeBox or DiO Home+) to program, control and check from anywhere if your lamp is off or on;
- Or with your voice thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home speakers (requires the DiO Home+ home automation unit)

In addition, intelligent control of your lighting lets you control your lights individually, as a group or automatically, for example by turning off all your lights with a single gesture when going to sleep.

In addition, when installing it, you can choose to use the mini-module in dimmer mode (this mode must be used with an LED or dimmable ECO bulb), to adjust the brightness of your lighting instantly using your DiO controller and create the ambience you desire, depending on the room, the time of day or what you are doing.

Quick and easy installation

Installing an intelligent lighting module is very simple, without the need to modify your existing electrical installation.

You just have to connect the mini-module behind your existing switch (neutral not required), choose your DiO 2.0 controller and link them in just 2 clicks.

When installing, you can choose to move the pairing button located on the module to a DiO 2.0 switch (model ED-SW-01/02/03/04) so you can add new DiO controllers, without having to access the module.

The lighting mini-module is compatible with all DiO 2.0 controllers and detectors:
- Remote control,
- Wireless switches,
- HomeBox or DiO Home+ for control via your smartphone,
- Motion detectors and door/window opening detectors.

Tailored to your lifestyle for added savings and security

Tailored to your lifestyle for added savings and security

DiO 2.0 – the enhanced performance solution

The main benefit of DiO 2.0 products is their long free-field radio transmission distance of up to 150 m, so they can operate throughout the house.

In addition, they are ideal for checking the status of your devices through your smartphone using status feedback, so you can check if your lights are turned on or off, your shutters open or closed, your heating switched on, etc.

Lastly, DiO 2.0 modules and sockets have advanced options such as the signal repeater, doubling the transmission distance.

DiO 1.0 and DiO 2.0 products do not operate on the same radio frequency and are therefore not compatible. However, you can use them together through the smart home system, which will link them and enable you to use a DiO 1.0 remote control to turn on a lamp connected to a DiO 2.0 module, for example.