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Offset kit - White

Impress your guests with unique and original pendant lamps.

Cable - Grey - 1.5 m
Thanks to our power supply leads and cables, give your electrical appliances and lights a second lease of life.
Fabric cable - 3 m - Red/White

Bring originality to your pendant light fixtures with a two-tone fabric cable.

E27 ceramic lamp holder

Create your own lamp with this ceramic lamp holder and its elegant, vintage design!

Black offset kit

Make your pendant lamps original and unique.

Metal ceiling rose - black

Hide your suspension wires with this black metal ceiling rose.

Black cable - 1.5 m

Give your appliance a new lease of life by replacing its cord.

Fabric cable - 3 m - Pink

Add a feminine touch to your pendant light with a fabric cable all dressed in pink.

Ceramic lamp holder - Grey

An original lamp holder to enhance your lighting.

Fabric cable with switch 2 m - Brown

Add a vintage touch to your pendant light, while remaining elegant thanks to this textile cord with switch.

White metal ceiling rose

Personalise your lighting with these metal ceiling roses!