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€4.50 €3.83
Mechanical ON/OFF switch - Transparent

Create a light with a switch with this transparent mechanical On-Off switch.

Universal electronic dimmer - Transparent
Reduce or increase the brightness of your lighting in just a few seconds.
V-hook offset kit - White (2 pcs)
Create an original pendant light, straight out of your imagination, with this offset kit.
Mechanical ON/OFF switch - White
For even more comfort, add this mechanical On-Off switch to your custom fixture.
Offset kit - White
Impress your guests with unique and original pendant lamps.
Black offset kit

Make your pendant lamps original and unique.

Wall attachment for fabric cable - White (2 pcs)
Choose your cable routes and create incredible styling effects with practically nothing.
Universal wall attachment for fabric cable - black
The essential accessory to secure fabric-covered electrical cables to the wall or ceiling.