Cable management

You need to pull cables and you are looking for an easy, inexpensive solution that doesn't require going under the floor or drilling through walls?
Take a look at our D-Line cable tidy range that hides your cables and keeps them from cluttering up your interior.



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Velcro cable tidy strap - Black
A pair of scissors, a Velcro strap, and...job done!
Cable storage boxes - White (small)
All your cables together in just one little box.
Decorative semi-circular cable duct 16/08 mm - 2 m - Black
Hide your cables along the skirting boards or walls thanks to this decorative trunking.
Cable tube - Black
Protect your cables simply and effectively.
Cable feed-through strip - Lightweight
With this feed-through strip, no more cables lying around for people to trip on!
Cable tube - White
Place your cables inside this tube for a tidier look.
Multipack accessories - 16 X 8 mm - White
Hide all your cables with these easy-to-connect, repaintable cable trunking accessories.
Cable feed-through strip - Medium weight
With this feed-through strip, you no longer have to trip on cables lying around on the floor.
Multipack accessories - 30 X 15 mm - Black
Hide your cables along the walls thanks to this decorative trunking.