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Cartoon bear nightlights

A range of Cartoon nightlights for the comfort of our children!

Digital timer

Adjust the programming of your electrical appliances and lights according to your needs.

€5.90 €5.02
White mechanical timer - FR plug

Save energy and money by switching your devices off automatically.

Digital timer with large LCD

Make your home secure with a simulated presence by automatically switching devices on and off at scheduled times.

Fabric cable + switch, 2 m - Red

Add a touch of colour to your custom suspensions with this red fabric cable.

Smoke detector Abus RWM140

This smoke detector can identify smoke particles and trigger an alarm. This detector has a double safety mechanism; it not only detects smoke, but heat as well. This product combines optical smoke measurement with a precise analysis of the change in temperature in the room.

€16.90 €14.37
Night light - alarm clock

Discover our night light - multifunctional alarm clock, ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

Energy meter

Improve and adapt your energy consumption.

Two-tone fabric cable with switch, 2 m - Red/White

Add a touch of originality to your hanging lamp with this two-tone fabric cable with switch.

€159.90 €135.92
Wireless outdoor WiFi dome camera with solar panel

Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to satisfy the needs of voice-control enthusiasts, this outdoor 100% wireless battery-operated camera lets you keep an eye on your house and your loved ones, wherever you are.

DIY reel - 25 m

Work anywhere, alone or in groups, with this reel.

Standard white adaptor 2 x 2.5 A

Triple up your sockets to plug in your electrical appliances and lights.

Extension lead - White - 5 m

Bring your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures as close as possible to you.

Additional 7" ultra-slim screen - White
For even more convenience, add a second screen anywhere in your home.
Set of 2 mechanical timers - white, FR sockets

Save energy and money by automatically turning off your devices rather than leaving them on standby when they are not being used.

Cow cartoon nightlights

A range of Cartoon nightlights for the comfort of our children!

Set of 3 mini outside sockets + remote control (SCH)

Control your garden remotely from your deck chair using the remote control provided. 

Chick cartoon nightlights

A range of Cartoon nightlights for the comfort of our children!

Two-way RFID keyboard + badges

Enhance the security of your home, office or business against theft and be immediately warned.

Nightlight - white (SCH)

Ideal for children's rooms, living rooms, hotels, offices...