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  • Brand: Chacon
  • Brand: edisio
Dummy solar camera - Blue LED

A dummy camera that looks just like the real thing. Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.

Universal wall attachment for fabric cable - black

The essential accessory to secure fabric-covered electrical cables to the wall or ceiling.

Wireless DVR with 2 cameras

Monitor your home or business remotely with your smartphone.

Digital timer - FR socket

Save energy and money by automatically turning off your devices rather than leaving them on standby when they are not being used.

Fabric cable 3 m - linen

Personalise your lighting with your own fabric cables!

Home reel, 4 sockets, 10 m

Connect multiple devices at the same time and anywhere in your home.

Weekly mechanical timer

Improve your daily routine by scheduling your electrical appliances and lights on or off at times that are convenient for you.

Extension lead - White - 5 m

Bring your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures as close as possible to you.

Twisted fabric cord with switch 2 m - Gold

Switch your pendant light on and off easily with the integrated switch.

Wired doorbell with built-in transformer

Quickly change your old installation with this wired chime with integrated adapter.

Metal ceiling rose - copper

Hide the wires of your hanging light with this stylish metal ceiling rose.

First weather station

Small and discreet, this weather station gives you live information on the temperature and humidity inside your home.

E27 silicone lamp holder - black

Upgrade your fixtures with this black silicone lamp holder.

Wired 4.3" black videophone

See who is at the door from your living room.

Outdoor wireless siren

Secure your home and be alerted remotely in the event of an intrusion into your home/business.