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  • Brand: Awox
  • Brand: edisio
€54.90 €19.90
Wireless switch set + E27 LED colour light bulb Bluetooth

Create the setting of your choice with the included wireless switch or with the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone.

Switchplate - Red 2 buttons - Diamond
This red wireless switch will create a warm atmosphere in your home. Must be associated with a switch base.
Two-way pack - On / Off
Create a two-way control system without doing any wiring between your lights and the transmitters (remote controls, wireless switches, etc.).
copy of Wireless temperature sensor
Control the temperature of your home according to your needs with a DiO control or via your smartphone, pc or tablet.
Switchplate - Gold 2 buttons - Diamond
This gold-coloured wireless switch will create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Must be associated with a switch base.
€14.90 €9.90
White E27 LED bulb - Bluetooth

Vary the brightness of your lighting according to your needs thanks to your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

€24.90 €9.90
E27 colour LED bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

Create a bright and colourful atmosphere from your sofa with this connected light bulb that you can control with your smartphone.

Switchplate - Midnight Blue 2 buttons - Diamond
A wireless home automation switch with a modern midnight blue design. Must be associated with a switch base.
€24.90 €9.90
E14 LED colour bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

A controllable bulb with smartphone, which brings you light and warmth at the times you want.

€39.00 €14.90
White LED E14 light bulb with music speaker - Bluetooth

Your music from your smartphone or computer anywhere in the house

€49.90 €19.90
Set of 2 colour LED GU10 Bluetooth Mesh bulbs and remote control

Adapt the lighting in your home to suit your mood with the remote control supplied or simply with your smartphone.

Switchplate - Grey 2 buttons - Diamond
A grey wireless switch with a sleek and stylish design. Must be associated with a switch base.