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  • Brand: Chacon
  • Brand: DiO Connect
  • Brand: DiO Connected Home
HomeBox home automation unit
Control your DiO accessories with your smartphone via the HomeBox central unit
EcoWatt 750 consumption meter

Save money by adjusting your consumption habits.

Wireless module for roller shutter
Control your roller shutters using your smartphone.
Stylish anthracite wireless doorbell

Quickly install or replace your doorbell with this modern and stylish wireless door chime.

Vibration detector - Wireless

Keep your home, office or other premises secure against theft, and receive remote notification of any intrusion.

€9.90 €3.90
Multi-charger - Orange

Charge your smartphone or tablet with this octopus charger.

Wireless indoor motion sensor

Easily install automatic lighting without wiring thanks to this wireless switch. (switch format)