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  • Brand: Chacon
€21.99 €17.37
Fire protection cover

Secure your home against fire hazards.

€189.00 €149.31
Wireless GSM/SMS alarm system

Secure your home with ease, wherever you are, via your smartphone.

€69.99 €49.99
Professional reel - 25 m

Work outdoors as well as indoors safely.

€59.90 €47.32
Set of three Chacon WiFi On/Off timers
Use your smartphone to program your lights and electrical appliances according to your needs.
€12.90 €10.19
Dummy dome camera with LED
Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.
€7.49 €5.92
Pushbutton with lamp - White
Install or replace your doorbell push button.
€7.79 €6.15
€7.79 €6.15
Black spiral - 2.5 m

Tidy up your cables with this black spiral.

€8.99 €7.10
First weather station

Small and discreet, this weather station gives you live information on the temperature and humidity inside your home.

€22.99 €18.16
Wireless Chime + Push Button - White

Easily install or replace your doorbell with this wireless doorbell – no wiring necessary.

€25.99 €20.53
Wired doorbell with pushbutton - White

With this wired chime, replace your old installation quickly and easily.

€49.99 €39.49
Indoor siren with flash - Wireless

Keep your home, office or business safe from intrusions.

€7.99 €6.31
Magnetic oval LED

Light up dark and inaccessible areas: kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, walk-in closets, access to the cellar, the garage, or even above work surfaces.