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  • Brand: Awox
  • Brand: Chacon
Black spiral - 2.5 m

Tidy up your cables with this black spiral.

Additional camera for videophone
Secure the entrance to your home or business by adding a second camera to your videophone system.
First weather station

Small and discreet, this weather station gives you live information on the temperature and humidity inside your home.

Indoor siren with flash - Wireless

Keep your home, office or business safe from intrusions.

Magnetic oval LED

Light up dark and inaccessible areas: kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, walk-in closets, access to the cellar, the garage, or even above work surfaces.

€39.98 €29.99
Apple smartphone charger - Dock & Charge

Easily and securely connect your smartphone.

€109.00 €79.99
Professional reel - 40 m
Work safely on the construction site or outdoors with this professional reel.
€599.00 €299.00
Wireless DVR kit with 2 cameras

Monitor your house remotely with your smartphone

Dummy dome camera with LED

Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.

Pushbutton with lamp - White
Install or replace your doorbell push button.
Cable reel 15 m - cassette

Shockproof, aesthetic and ergonomic, this reel will simplify your daily life.

Panic button

Send a distress signal in one second with this panic button.