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‘Clearance’ products are products that we are going to stop producing, which are therefore at ‘end of life’. They are new, and will never be available again when stock runs out.

‘Reconditioning’ products are items we cannot sell as new. These are mainly products with damaged packaging or slight traces of wear. In other cases, they are products that customers have exchanged.

Items in both categories are always offered at a discounted price. It's never been so easy to make savings.

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€16.99 €12.99
Stylish power strip 5 x 16 A with switch - 3 m - White

Thanks to the foot switch, you no longer need to bend down to switch your devices and light fittings on and off.

€18.99 €12.99
Stylish power strip 5 x 16 A with switch - 5 m - White

Just one quick press with your foot can turn off all your electrical appliances and lights.

€49.90 €39.42
Set of three On/Off sockets, remote control and LiteBox - Bluetooth timer
Control and program the lighting of your lights using your smartphone without internet connection
€6.99 €5.52
Remote-controlled On/off socket - White
Control your lighting fixtures and/or electrical appliances according to your needs.
€32.90 €25.99
On/Off module with built-in timer
Ideal for entrance halls or landings.
€28.90 €22.83
Darkness sensor with timer
Turn your lamps on automatically or automatically lower your shutters at nightfall.
€59.90 €47.32
LiteBox KIT
Control and program your lamps and electrical appliances remotely with the remote control or your smartphone without an internet connection.
€22.90 €18.09
DiO chime receiver - Wireless
Install or replace your doorbell in a few seconds – no wiring necessary.